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Cash For Old Trucks

Cash for old trucks

Do you have a used truck that you no longer want to drive? Or do you have a truck which is too old or outdated for your taste and you simply want to get rid of it? Here is your option, sell your Scrap truck or any vehicle with ease and confidence to CASH FOR JUNK CAR SYDNEY. We are a highly regarded used truck buyer in sydney nsw , having more than 10 years of experience. In the market, we are known to deliver excellent customer service and pay lucrative cash for used, worn down or non-runner cars. With CASH FOR JUNK CAR SYDNEY, selling of your car is amazingly easy and beneficial; our swift, simple and systematic process allows you to sell your car in a very short span of time with good financial reward.

No matter what the make, model or brand of your old truck is, and whatever condition your car is in, we are the buyers you were looking for. We will promptly buy your old car of any brand for good, quick cash because this is what we do.

We have a streamlined procedure in place in our company to help our customers to offer their old truck for instant cash without worrying for scrap truck towing expenditures or arrangement for that matter because it is company provided that too free of cost! The only thing you need to do is to call our agent and tell him about your willingness to sell your vehicle.

Cash For Scrap Cars

Cash for scrap cars

The Cash for scrap cars, is a place for recycling all old, damaged, rusted, wrecked and unwanted vehicles. We remove flooded cars, damaged jeeps, smashed Utes, non-derivable 4WDs, wrecked buses, smashed trucks and junk bikes. We collect secondhand, unused and unregistered vehicles, irrespective of their makes, models, brands and conditions. Our junkyard is not just a junk yard for limited brands, or makes or conditions. We pay cash for all unwanted cars, buses, SUVs, 4WDs, stations wagons, trucks, semi-trucks, bikes, motorbikes and all smashed auto and manual vehicles. For all Sydney suburbs and throughout NSW, get in touch with us and ask our specialist removal staff to give you unbeatable quote for your unwanted vehicle. Once we receive your call or text, we dispatch our tow-truck drivers to your location and in a time convenient for you. We can offer you our free car removal service by picking up your damaged car at a time that you are free. Remember, our secondhand car recycling center gives you the cash for your car before we load on your scrap car on our tow-truck. The Cash for scrap cars, is the only car removal business that is removing flooded and hailstorm damaged cars, buses and trucks. We also pay cash for all vehicles that are completely totalled by fire. Wherever you live in Sydney or the rest of NSW our free scrap car removal service is within your reach. Whenever you contact us, we have a professional wrecker team on standby to help you with the removal of your damaged car, wrecked truck or accidental truck.

Cash For Junk Cars Sydney

Cash for junk cars sydney


We have based our tow-truck drivers in all major business centers like Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Chatswood, Liverpool, Hurstville, Blacktown, Penrith and Campbelltown. Our cash for car service covers every suburb in Sydney. We are collecting unwanted cars, trucks and buses from everywhere with greater speed and convenience.

The Cash for junk car Sydney is a statewide car removal service. If you are in Wollongong, Newcastle, Orange, Dubbo, Bathurst, Griffith, Lithgow, Tamworth, Port Macquarie or anywhere in NSW we are happy to come and remove your unwanted car and another unused vehicle.

The Cash for junk car Sydney is a business based on excellence in car removal, disposal and recycling services. At our secondhand yard, customer satisfaction is our core business value. When we buy your damaged vehicle, we want to ensure that you always come back to us for all your recycling and removal jobs.

At our scrap car dealership, we have based our growth and sustainability on our ethical and high standard of service. Through cash for unwanted cars, we constantly strive to help clean up our city from junk cars and other unwanted vehicles that may harm our environment and may endanger our health and wellbeing.


Car Recycling

CASH FOR JUNK CAR SYDNEY cares planet earth. We pay utmost attention to our environmental obligations and go to great lengths to keep our processes as green as possible. We do not evaluate our success by financial achievement alone; we appraise it also by how much we give back to our society. The traditional metal recycling involves heavily polluted processes that pose serious kinds of risks to nature and the environment. But at CASH FOR JUNK CAR SYDNEY we put extra efforts to continuously educate train our staff about green metal recycling. We faithfully follow protocols that ensure recycling activities to continue in the most eco friendly manner, we are also committed to employ latest technology and green approaches in our recycling methods. All recycled materials from junk cars go through our thorough classification procedures, whether they are in the form of metal, electronic items or plastic. This exhaustive process serves to make all the recycled materials reusable, hence minimizing a landfill rate.

Eco-Friendly Scrap car

The car removal industry can be a messy business if it is not carried out in an ethical and eco-friendly manner. At Cash For Junk Car Sydney, we pride ourselves for being the most ethical and eco-friendly car removals business statewide in NSW. We purchase your wrecked vehicle and pay you cash for your car, bus, truck and motorbike. After paying cash for your car and other damaged vehicles, we safely transport it to our recycling car yard. Being expert wreckers, we extract and sort out all the precious metal used in the manufacturing of your car, bus and truck and we recycle everything. Once your secondhand vehicle is salvaged and the extracted steel is crashed we form new steel at our auto-wrecker recycling plants. By removing your junk car and unregistered vehicle we make sure your backyard or garage is cleaned off, your pocket is filled with cash and you have a good feeling knowing that you have helped with the protection of our environment too. By selling your scrap car for cash you can have peace of mind knowing that we de-gas, remove the air-conditioning and discard the toxic oils and liquids in a safe and responsible manner. Let us remove your junk car, get your cash today and contribute to the health of your local community with our green and environmentally sound practices.

Top $ For Unwanted Cars And Trucks

Top $ for unwanted cars and trucks

We Purchase All Types of old and secondhand Cars in Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Orange, Dubbo and the rest of NSW!

As Sydney’s No 1 buyer of Scrap Cars, Cash for Junk Cars Sydney offers you top dollars of up to $9999 for your damaged, wrecked, accidental and out-of-order vehicle. Cash for Junk Cars Sydney offers a free removal service in every suburb of Sydney. We also offer our free scrap car removal in all regions, cities, towns and countries of urban and rural NSW. At Cash for Junk Cars Sydney, we offer a 24/7 Scrap Car Removal that is reliable, convenient and competent. Our scrap collection yard buys cars, trucks, buses and motorbikes of all makes, brands and conditions. We purchase old sedans, out-of-order SUVs, broken 4x4s, unregistered trucks, rusted buses, dented jeeps, derelict Utes and abandoned motorbikes. Our junkyard is a recycling business best known for fairness, transparency and ethical removal of unwanted cars, trucks and buses. Cash for Junk Cars Sydney is green and environmentally-friendly dismantling and recycling scrapyard. We dispose of your unwanted car, damaged bus and flooded truck with strict guidelines in order to ensure the safety of our community and the protection of our environment.

Cash for junk car Sydney – Prides itself for Top-Notch Service and Top Dollars Paid as Instant Cash for Scrap Cars.

At Cash for junk car Sydney we pay you instant and on-the-spot cash for your wrecked car, unused SUV, irreparable 4WD, smashed bus, totaled tow-truck, flooded jeep and accidental Ute. We remove your badly damaged and wrecked vehicle and we pay you as much as $9999 before we pick up your derivable or non-derivable scarp car. When you call Cash for junk car Sydney or after you fill out our online form, we don’t ask you too many complicated questions. We just get your name, the make, model, condition, location and odometer-reading of your vehicle. Our expert wreckers than give you a free and non-obligatory quote literally in minutes. Once you sell your wrecked car or scrap SUV or smashed 4×4 to us, we dispatch our field agents to your location with the agreed cash amount. Our tow-truck drivers don’t re-negotiate with you and pay you the exacted quoted price for your junk car. We pay hard cash and top dollar for your accidental and write-off car, truck and bus before we pick it up. We purchase and pick dented and rusted scrap cars from every region and municipality of Sydney. We collect all seized and salvaged cars, trucks, buses and motorbikes from every city, town, road and farm in NSW. The Cash for junk car Sydney is well-known for instant cash, immediate scrap car pick-up, day-and-night tow-truck convenience and a swift and simple scrap car removal service. At Cash for junk car Sydney we follow all the regulatory, environmental and safety guidelines. We are a fully licensed and authorized scrap car removal service with over 12 years of experience. Our wrecker yard is equipped with the latest know-how and the technological tools to remove and recycle scrap cars, unwanted jeeps, and fire and flood-damaged 4x4s. As our name suggests, Cash for junk car Sydney is a top performing removal and recycling company in the scrap car dismantling industry.


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